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Father of the Bride Attire

While the bride and groom get ready in their best outfits, their parents too need to look perfect on this special occasion. If you are father of the would be bride and working on the wedding plan you must not forget to get yourself the best attire for this day. While there is no strict dress code that the father of the bride needs to follow it is definitely essential that he dresses up in his best outfits. So wondering what are the best options in terms of styles, Puma Ignite colors and fabrics in father of the bride attire? Here’s what you can choose while dressing up on your daughter’s wedding day.

Usually, Asics Gtcool Xprees 205 the father of the bride is known to dress up in way that is similar to the attire of the groom and groomsmen. Well, today this is not a rule to be followed and they have a choice to match their attire with groom or dress up according to their personal taste. One thing that is essential to be kept in mind is that he must wear an outfit that best suits his personality.

For Asics Kinsei6 Men a formal wedding, you can stick to tuxedos that look extremely classy and sophisticated. Choose one in the color same as that of the groom’s tux, with just a different shade or go for a completely different color. With nice cufflinks, a belt, and a pair of shoes added to this formal piece you are all set to hit the wedding venue.

Grab The Casual Suit

Another good option is wearing a suit that is suitable for a casual occasion. Plain and dark colors make the best suits for casual and evening weddings. Black is of course the choice that makes the best attire. Other than black suits, a navy blue suit can also be chosen to wear a bold and Puma Suede X Staple out of the crowd look. Gray is another good color that can be considered, Adidas especially while choosing a casual suit for this day. Let me tell you that pinstripe suits and double breasted styles are a strict no no for this occasion.

Soft Casual Look

A beach wedding attire or casual attire, can be kept extremely casual with soft colored suits. Pick a cool cream suit or light gray suit that works extremely well for beach weddings. If the groom and groomsmen are sticking to that crisp shirt and trouser attire then you can also dress up accordingly. In this case go for a light colored single buttoned suit that can be kept open. Also, don’t hesitate to wear a casual look with just waist coats!

While you dress up for Asics Gelquantum 370 Cm your daughter’s wedding, having a look at the dressy outfits in your wardrobe is a great idea. You might find one that is perfect to be worn on this day. Many also consider renting a suit for this day or hiring it with the set of groomsmen attire if they want to closely match it with their pieces. Make sure that you try out the piece and check its fit days before wedding so that any required corrections can be made in time. One of the best tips for the father of the bride and father of the groom is to consult the bride and groom while deciding your attire, its style and color. This will definitely help you choose the best piece and ensure that you dress up according to their taste and look the way they like on their wedding day. Though options in terms of styles are less you can pick the best piece and get set to look the perfect dad on your daughter’s wedding!

31 juillet 2020
31 juillet 2020